Queensland Brain Institute & Munich Center for Neurosciences

Date: 28 - 30 September

The inaugural symposium on Systems Neuroscience between the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) and
the Munich Center for Neurosciences (MCN) brings together their leading researchers in sensory,
cognitive, cellular and molecular neuroscience to share their recent fi ndings with the Australian
neuroscience community. Join us for a keynote lecture, topic-specifi c sessions, and a poster session
with wine and cheese. Participants are also invited to attend an informal cocktail party on the
opening night.

Registration is FREE, but RSVP is essential for catering purposes. Participants are invited to bring a poster for
display. Please include author(s) and poster title when registering.

To register
Send an email to events@qbi.uq.edu.au
by 31 August (if submitting poster) or
by 19 September (if attending).

For further information please contact Dr Judith Reinhard j.reinhard@uq.edu.au

Speakers from MCN include:
Prof. Benedikt Grothe, Director MCN
Prof. Heiner Deubel
Prof. Magdalena Götz
Prof. Mark Hübener
Prof. Rüdiger Klein
Prof. Christian Leibold
Prof. Lutz Wiegrebe

Speakers from QBI include:
Prof. Perry Bartlett, Director QBI
Prof. Geoff Goodhill
Prof. Ottmar Lipp
Prof. Justin Marshall
Prof. Linda Richards
Prof. Pankaj Sah
Prof. Mandyam Srinivasan