26 October — Phil Porronik
School of Biomedical Sciences, UQ

19 October — Alan Woodruff
The Queensland Brain Institute, UQ 

12 October — Mark Connor

5 October — Andrew Lawrence

28 September — Tara Walker

The Queensland Brain Institute, UQ 

21 September — Andrew Delaney
The Queensland Brain Institute, UQ 

14 September — Brain Plasticity Symposium

7 September — Dr Roberto Cappi

University of Melbourne
Alzheimer's disease: The role of the Amyloid Precursor Protein and Amyloid beta peptide in disease and health

24 August — Dr Christine Neyt
The Queensland Brain Institute, UQ

10 August — Dr Jacqueline Matthews
SMMB, University of Sydney
Assembly of LIM-containing Regulatory protein complexes

9 August — Dr Simon Murray
MS Research Group, Howard Florey Institute
The 'Chopper' domain regulates Nerve Growth Factor binding and signalling

3 August — Dr Greg Stuart

21 July — Professor Chris Goodnow

13 July — Professor Peter Dunkley

University of Newcastle
Novel mechanisms for receptor-mediated control of catecholamine synthesis

11 July — Professor Jason Mattingley
University of Melbourne

6 July — Dr Clarke Raymond

29 June — Prof. Wayne Hall
Institute of Molecular Biosciences, UQ
Genetic and Neuroscience Perspectives on Addiction: Ethical and Policy Implications

22 June — Dr John Bekkers

15 June — Dr Robert Callister
University of Newcastle

8 June — Dr Mark Bellingham
School of Biomedical Sciences, UQ
The final common pathway - regulating motor neurone excitability in development and disease

1 June — Dr Elizabeth Coulson
The Queensland Brain Institute, UQ 
Signalling neuronal death through the p75 neurotrophin receptor

18 May — Dr Richard Masland
Harvard, US

11 May — Dr Richard Banati
University of Sydney
Neuron-glial interaction in brain disease: Neuroimaging results on microglial activation

6 May — Prof. Hugh Wilson
York University, Toronto, Canada
Perceptual Oscillations and Waves in Vision

4 May — Tom Keeble
The Queensland Brain Institute, UQ
Characterisation of the role of Ryk in the mammalian brain