12  Dec — Dr Patricia Yam
Stanford University, US
Actin-myosin network reorganization in symmetry-breaking and spontaneous cell motility initiation

11  Dec — Assistant Professor Frederic Charron
Department of Medicine, Université de Montréal, Canada
Morphogens as brain wiring molecules: Identifying the molecular mechanism underlying Sonic hedgehog-mediated axon guidance

6 Dec — Dr Michael Piper
Howard Florey Fellow, Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland
Regulation of retinal axon guidance in Xenopus

29 Nov — Dr Zac Pujic
Postdoctoral Fellow, Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland
Analysing the response of axons to molecular gradients

22  Nov — Professor  Peter Martin
Director of Research, National Vision Research Institute of Australia, The University of Melbourne
Subcortical channels for colour vision in primates

15 Nov — Dr Peter Papathanasiou
CJ Martin Fellow, Dept of Pathology, Stanford University, US
Stem Cells, Mutants and Epigenetics

25 Oct — Dr Robert Henderson
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
Markers of disease progression in MND

11 Oct — A/Prof. Grant Mastick
Department of Biology, The University of Nevada, US
Growing long and straight: Mechanisms of longitudinal axon guidance

9 Oct —  Klaus Stiefel
Computational Neurobiology Laboratory, The Salk Institute, US
Nonlinear Dynamics in Neural Function
Wednesday, 13 May — Professor John McGrath
Director, Epidemiology and Developmental Neurobiology, Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, Head of QBI Schizophrenia Group, Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland
Advanced paternal age and neurodevelopmental disorders - linking epidemiology with neurobiology

Wednesday, 29 April — Dr Elliot Ludvig
Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta, Canada
Real-time Prediction Machines: How Animals Learn to Anticipate the Future

Wednesday, 22 April — Associate Professor Dan Minor
Departments of Biochemistry and Biophysics, & Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, University of California, San Francisco, US
Structural insights into ion channel function and regulation

Wednesday, 15 April — Mr Duncan Mortimer
Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland
Designing the optimal growth cone