December 2010

Wednesday, 22 December 

Wednesday, 15 December  Ms Sumiti Saharan
Neural Plasticity Research Laboratory, Queensland Brain Institute
Modulation of adult mammalian neurogenesis by Sirtuin1 proteins

Wednesday, 08 December  Mr Timothy Lynagh
Molecular Neuroscience Laboratory, Queensland Brain Institute
Ivermectin: a successful antiparasitic drug and a neuroscience tool

November 2010

Tuesday, 30 November  Professor Giovanni Galizia
University of Konstanz, Germany
Honeybee odor coding and learning costs – neural networks and circadian intelligence

Wednesday, 24 November 
 Professor Christina Mitchell
Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences, Monash University
Emerging role for the inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatases in embryonic development

Wednesday, 17 November  Dr Quenten Schwarz
Department of Human Immunology, Centre for Cancer Biology, Adelaide
Neuronal migration in the CNS and PNS

Tuesday, 16 November 
 Professor Tim Bliss
Division of Neurophysiology, National Institute for Medical Research, London 
LTP: past and future

Wednesday, 03 November  Dr Guy Barry
Cortical Development and Axon Guidance Laboratory, Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland
Transcriptional control of embryonic hippocampal development

October 2010

Wednesday, 27 October  Ms Lauren Harms
McGrath Group, Queensland Brain Institute 
Effects of Developmental Vitamin D Deficiency on Brain Development and Behaviour in Mice

Wednesday, 20 October  Professor Sarah Dunlop
Experimental and Regenerative Neuroscience, School of Animal Biology, The University of Western Australia
Translating basic science into clinical trials for spinal cord injury

Wednesday, 13 October  Associate Professor Helen Cooper
Neural Migration Laboratory, Queensland Brain Institute
Diverse roles for guidance receptors in CNS development

Friday, 01 October   Professor Nancy Ip
Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Neuroscience Center and State Key Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong
From understanding neural plasticity to discovery of novel neuroactive compounds

Friday, 01 October   Professor Kozo Kaibuchi
Department of Cell Pharmacology, Graduate school of Medicine, Nagoya University, Japan
DISC1 acts as a cargo adapter for neuronal transport of specific proteins and mRNAs
Please note the special time 3:00 – 4:00PM 

September 2010

Wednesday, 29 September  Dr Marie Mangelsdorf
Molecular Genetics of Human Disease Laboratory, Queensland Brain Institute
The Genetics of Motor Neuron Disease: Identifying New Candidate Genes

Monday, 27 September  Professor Michael Pierce
Director, UGA Cancer Center, George E and Sarah F. Peters Mudter Professor in Cancer Research, University of Georgia
Specific glycans are markers for stem and neural cell differentiation and regulate the tumor initiating cell compartment of her-2-induced mammary tumors

Wednesday, 22 September  Dr Margie Wright
Genetic Epidemiology, Molecular Epidemiology and Queensland Statistical Genetics Laboratories, QIMR
Neuroimaging genetics, finding genes for brain function and dysfunction

Monday, 13 September  Professor Fujio Murakami
Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University, Japan
Intracortical Migration of GABAergic Interneurons and Morphological Changes during Early Stages of Maturation

Wednesday, 08 September  Dr Julian Heng
Group Leader, Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI), Monash University
Gene Expression during brain development and disease

Friday, 03 September  Professor Perminder Sachdev
Professor of Neuropsychiatry, School of Psychiatry University of New South Wales
Yipping Tiger And Other Tales From The Neuropsychiatric Clinic
Please note the special time 11:30 – 12:30PM

August 2010

Wednesday, 25 August  Ms Amber-Lee Donahoo
Cortical Development and Axon Guidance Laboratory, Queensland Brain Institute
Molecular mechanisms regulating the development of the corpus callosum

Wednesday, 18 August  Dr Vidita Vaidya 
Department of Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India
Neurobiology of Depression: Role for Alpha2 adrenoceptors and 5-HT2 receptors

Thursday, 12 August  Professor Charles Schwartz
Director, Center for Molecular Studies, Greenwood Genetic Center, Greenwood S.C.
The Landscape of X-Linked Intellectual Disability:  Dilemmas  and Insights
Wednesday, 04 August  No Seminar

July 2010

Wednesday, 28 July  Professor Andreas Lüthi
Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Switzerland
Defining the Neuronal circuitry of fear

Wednesday, 21 July 
 Professor Bruce Carter
Department of Biochemistry, Vanderbilt University Medical School, US
Mechanisms of neuronal apoptosis and phagocytic clearance in the developing peripheral nervous system

Wednesday, 14 July 
 Mr Jonathan Hunt
Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, Queensland Brain Institute
Patterns, preferences and the primary visual cortex

Wednesday, 07 July  NO SEMINAR

June 2010

Wednesday, 30 June  NO SEMINAR

Wednesday, 23 June  Professor Jürgen Götz
Brain and Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney
Modelling Alzheimer’s disease –To be a baptist, a tauist or a baptised tauist

Wednesday, 16 June  Dr Richard Anderson
NHMRC CDA (RD Wright) Fellow, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, The University of Melbourne
Enteric neural crest cell migration

Wednesday, 9 June  Dr Derek Arnold
School of Psychology, The University of Queensland
Retinal motion generates conflicting visual signals

Joint AIBN/QBI seminar
Thursday, 03 June, 2:00-3:00pm

AIBN Level 1 seminar room

Dr Muhammad Zaman
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University
Quantifying cell-matrix interactions through materials and multi-scale modeling

May 2010

Wednesday, 26 May  Professor Linda J. Richards
Queensland Brain Institute and The School of Biomedical Sciences
Regulation of midline glial development by nuclear factor one genes in the cerebral cortex

Wednesday, 19 May  Professor Christos Pantelis
Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre, The University of Melbourne
Understanding brain changes in early psychosis: a brain maturational perspective

Wednesday, 12 May 
 Associate Professor Steven Petrou
Howard Florey Institute and The Centre for Neuroscience, The University of Melbourne
Functional origins in genetic epilepsies

Wednesday, 05 May  Professor Nigel Laing
Centre for Medical Research, University of Western Australia, and Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, WAIMR
Gene discovery, pathobiology, therapy and research translation in genetic muscle diseases.

April 2010

Wednesday, 28 April  Associate Professor Ann Turnley
NH&MRC Senior Research Fellow, Associate Director and Head, Neural Regeneration Laboratory
Centre for Neuroscience, The University of Melbourne
Regulation of neuronal differentiation and neurite outgrowth by Suppressor of Cytokine Signalling 2 (SOCS2)

Wednesday, 21 April  Professor John O'Keefe
UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Department of Anatomy, University College London, UK
How the Hippocampal Cognitive Map Develops

Monday, 12 April  Professor Judy Illes
Professor of Neurology, The University of British Columbia, Canada
Advanced Neuroimaging:  Ethical, Social and Legal Challenges for Basic Research and Clinical Translation

March 2010

Wednesday, 31 March  Dr Oliver Baumann
Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland
Behavioural and Neural Correlates of Human Spatial Navigation

Friday, 26 March  Professor Jim Cohen
Cellular Neurobiology, MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, Kings College London - Guy’s Campus United Kingdom
Border controls at the developing spinal cord

Monday, 22 March  Professor Noriko Osumi
Division of Developmental Neuroscience, Tohoku University School of Medicine, Japan
Asymmetrical inheritance of Cyclin D2 and fate determination of neuroepithelial cells

Wednesday, 17 March  Ms Stacey Cole
Neural Migration Laboratory, Queensland Brain Institute
The role of Neogenin during neurogenesis and migration in the embryonic forebrain.

Wednesday, 10 March  Professor Julio Licinio
Director, John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University
Approaches to pharmacogenomics: The cases of monogenetic and polygenic diseases

Wednesday, 3 March   Dr.Jake Gratten
Queensland Statistical Genetics Laboratory, Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Statistical genetics for neurobiologists: what can we learn from sheep?

February 2010

Wednesday, 24 February  Dr Dhanisha Jhaveri
Neurogenesis Laboratory, Queensland Brain Institute
Mechanisms underlying neurogenic and antidepressant actions of norepinephrine

Wednesday, 17 February — Professor Richard Evans
Department of Cell Physiology and Pharmacology, The University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Extracellular ATP as a transmitter; physiological role, regulation and molecular pharmacology of P2X1 receptors.

Wednesday, 10 February — Professor Geoffery Goodhill
Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, Queensland Brain Institute
How do axons detect and respond to molecular gradients?

Joint QBI/Maths seminar
Friday Feb 5th, 11am
Building 67, Room 442

Prof G. Bard Ermentrout

Department of Mathematics University of Pittsburgh, USA

Thursday, 4 February — Associate Professor Shubha Tole
Department of Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
Creating the Cortex and the Hippocampal Organizer

Wednesday, 3 February — Professor Benedikt Grothe
Biocenter at the Ludwig-Maximilians- University of Munich, Germany

January 2010

Friday, 29 January — Dr Kenji Doya
Neural Computation Laboratory Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Temporal discounting and serotonin

Wednesday, 27 January — Dr Alex Sykes
Nerve Cell Survival Laboratory, Queensland Brain Institute.
Evidence for a new model of the TrkA and p75NTR high-affinity NGF receptor complex.

Wednesday, 20 January — Dr Tom Fothergill
Cortical Development and Axon Guidance Laboratory.
Regulating axon attraction and repulsion at the midline during corpus callosum development

Wednesday, 13 January — Associate Professor Jean-Marc Fellous
Department of Psychology, University of Arizona.
Evidence for the involvement of the dopaminergic system in posttraumatic stress disorder