Welcome to the Centre for Neurogenetics and Statistical Genomics (CNSG), located at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), The University of Queensland.


The objective of CNSG is to promote and conduct research into the genetic basis of neurogenetic and neuropsychiatric disorders, and develop statistical methods and tools that will aid prediction and diagnosis of diseases. CNSG has a track record in the development of novel methodologies in statistical genomics, and application of these methodologies in dissecting the genetic basis of neurogenetic/neuropsychiatric diseases, disorders and traits. Human traits, diseases and disorders that are studied include, but are not limited to, schizophrenia, anxiety and depression, motor neuron disease, auto-immune disorders, obesity, cognition and cognitive change, gene methylation and expression, and stature.

CNSG is structured into 4 research themes: Complex Trait Genomics, Systems Genomics, Psychiatric Genomics and Motor Neurone Disease Genomics. We also host the QBI Bioinformatics core that provides services to the in-house sequencing facility. CNSG is directed by Professors Peter Visscher FAA and Naomi Wray and comprises approximately 30 postdoctoral and graduate researchers.

Our specific aims for future research are to: understand the genetic basis of motor neuron disease and psychiatric disorders; dissect the genetic basis of cognition and cognitive ageing and how they relate to pathogenetic ageing; develop statistical analysis, prediction and diagnostic tools for complex traits; apply systems genomics approaches to understand the causal paths underlying the genome-phenome association.

For detailed information on our past and present research, visit www.cnsgenomics.com. We can also be followed on Twitter (@CNSgenomcis). If you are a student or researcher interested in joining CNSG take a look at our recruitment page on www.cnsgenomics.com.


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