Feb 6 - 8 2013

Are you an undergrad or postgrad studying Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or Computer Science?

Are you interested in the possibility of applying your knowledge to understand how the brain works?

This 3-day course is about how people like you can contribute to answering some of the most exciting scientific questions of the 21st century. Questions such as how information is coded and decoded in the brain, how memories are stored, and how the brain learns from experience.

The course will consist of 2 components: lectures introducing basic concepts in mathematical and computational neuroscience given by Prof Geoffrey Goodhill,  and talks and demos introducing some current topics in neuroscience research given by leading neuroscientists at the Queensland Brain Institute (www.qbi.uq.edu.au).

No prior knowledge of neuroscience will be assumed; however participants should have a good grounding in University level mathematics. The course is not intended for people already working in the area of mathematical and computational neuroscience.

Registration is free but only 20 places are available. To apply please send a CV, academic transcript, and one-paragraph statement of why you wish to attend the course to Prof Geoffrey Goodhill (g.goodhill@uq.edu.au). Closing date for applications is Dec 1st 2012.

Scholarships are available to help support travel and accommodation for those coming from outside the Brisbane area.

Comments from previous courses include:

"An excellent course"
"One of the best events I have attended during my academic life"
"Thanks for the opportunity to learn about something so fascinating"
"Fun and educational"
"I am now seriously thinking of transitioning into computational neuroscience"
“Fantastic course, great selection of students”
“Much better than a sequence of research talks in other Summer schools”
“Very engaging and accessible”
“Very understandable and clear”
“Very friendly and enthusiastic”