Halloween Special: the best fear-related neuroscience news from around the web.

October 31, 2015

How phobias change throughout our lives. QBI neuroscience news

Brain Decoder – How Phobias Change Throughout Our Lives [MEDIUM SCIENCE / MEDIUM READ]

SCARY STUFF: Phobias aren’t all the same, and what’s more, the things that scare us change over our lifespan. One way to get rid of phobias is through exposure, and researchers like QBI Director Professor Pankaj Sah are trying to understand the neural circuits that might underlie this form of therapy, a process known as fear extinction.

Brain Blogger – The Neuroscience of Fear and Loathing. QBI Neuroscience News

Brain Blogger – The Neuroscience of Fear and Loathing [SIMPLE SCIENCE / MEDIUM READ]

FEARLESS: Meet a woman who isn’t scared of anything. Due to a rare genetic condition, this patient acquired damage to both her amygdalae, regions of the brain responsible for fear processing. When taken to an exotic pet store, she tried to touch a tarantula and asked to hold a large dangerous snake, and showed no signs of fear when she visited an infamous Halloween haunted house.

What It Says About You If You Enjoy Horror Movies

New Republic – What It Says About You If You Enjoy Horror Movies [SIMPLE SCIENCE / SHORT READ]

I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR SCREAM: If you’re a horror film buff, research suggests that you’re more likely to be aggressive and thrill-seeking, and less likely to be empathetic.

We made the infamous brain cake. QBI Neuroscience News.

Brain Decoder – We Made the Infamous Brain Cake and It’s Pretty Good [NOT SCIENCE / SHORT READ]

FEED ME BRAINS: Okay, no science here folks. Just delicious, velvety brains. Tuck in!