The latest in neuroscience from around the web:

Neuroscience News – Cognitive Function Improved by Exercise in Older Adults [SIMPLE SCIENCE / SHORT READ]

LET’S GET PHYSICAL: Want to improve your focus and attention? Researchers have found that in older adults, brain function can be improved by increasing fitness levels. What better excuse do you need to sign up with #TeamQBI to run this year’s Bridge to Brisbane? 

Huffington Post – Even when people know a pill is a placebo, it still works [SIMPLE SCIENCE / LONG READ]

THE POWER OF NOTHING: Most of us are familiar with the placebo effect – you take an inert pill instead of a drug, yet your symptoms still improve. But did you know that the placebo effect still works if patients are told they’re being given a placebo? It’s weird, and it’s true.

Neuroscientifically challenged – The powerful influence of placebos on the brain [COMPLEX SCIENCE / LONG READ]

ALL IN THE MIND: Just to get a bit science-y with the placebo thing, here’s a summary of the neurobiology thought to underlie the effect. Think prediction, context, and the power of the mind.

Neuroscience Stuff – How Your Brain Knows It’s Summer [COMPLEX SCIENCE / SHORT READ]

THE WINTER OF OUR DISCONTENT: Did you know that sudden changes in seasonal day length could have an effect on your mood? Researchers have discovered a key mechanism that explains how animals, including humans, keep track of the seasons.

Neuroscience News – Amazing Case of Man with 90 Minute Memory [MEDIUM SCIENCE / MEDIUM READ]

GROUNDHOG DAY: It’s another reason not to go to the dentist – you go in all normal and stuff, you come out unable to create memories. So it is for a UK man, permanently stuck thinking it’s the day of his dental appointment. Poor bloke.