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Neuroscience News - Your Taste in Music Gives Insight Into How You Think [SIMPLE SCIENCE / SHORT READ]

GOOD TASTE: What do Jeff Buckley and Queen have in common? Do you prefer mellow or avant-garde jazz? Researchers have found that different thinking styles can accurately predict what kind of music you’re into.

Brain Decoder – How much of the Brain Can You Live Without? [SIMPLE SCIENCE / MEDIUM READ]

BRAINS ARE OVERRATED: Well not really, but apparently you can get through life ok even when more than half of your brain is missing. It’s kind of amazing.

Neuwrite SD – Truly Blissful Brains [SIMPLE SCIENCE / LONG READ]

DRINK THIS, BE SMARTER: This is a little piece on the power of neuromarketing in the cognitive enhancement arena, specifically concerning “smart drinks”. Did you say placebo effect??

The Conversation – Health Check: the science of ‘hangry’, or why some people get grumpy when they’re hungry [SIMPLE SCIENCE / MEDIUM READ]

HANGRY HANGRY HIPPOS: Ever snapped unnecessarily at someone because they ate that raspberry and white choc muffin you were purposefully saving to combat 3:30itis? Us neither. Here’s an explainer on why some of us get grumbly when our stomachs start to grumble.

Brain Blogger – Sex Bias In Autism Spectrum Disorders – Is It Real? [SIMPLE SCIENCE / SHORT READ]

Ok, so this article doesn’t really answer its own question, but it does raise a couple of interesting points. For example, might there actually be a gender bias in the diagnosis of children with autism spectrum disorders?