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Science Book A Day – 10 Great Books on Women in Science [SIMPLE SCIENCE / LONG READ]

#DISTRACTINGLYSEXY: In light of Nobel Prize winner Tim Hunt’s sexist remarks that gave rise to the satirical hashtag, Women in Science Australia have put together a list of must-reads about women in science.

Brain Decoder – ‘Jennifer Aniston Neuron’ Redux [MEDIUM SCIENCE / MEDIUM READ]

WATCHING MEMORIES FORM: Ever seen (or heard) a memory be created? You can by checking out the video in this article, which shows how a neuron changes its response as the participant learns.

Nature News – Neuroscience: The hard science of oxytocin [MEDIUM SCIENCE / LONG READ]

NOT JUST FOR CUDDLES: An in-depth look at the so-called cuddle hormone, oxytocin, including how it affects neural circuits and some of the clinical trial research into its use as a therapy for autism spectrum disorders.

Neuroscience Stuff – Gene Therapy Prevents Parkinson’s Disease in Animal Model [COMPLEX SCIENCE / MEDIUM READ]

PREVENTING PARKINSON’S: Scientists have discovered that gene therapy that reduces the production of a particular protein can prevent Parkinson’s from developing in animals.

Neuroscience News – Men and Women Process Pain Differently [MEDIUM SCIENCE / SHORT READ]

THE PATH TO PAIN: Anatomical differences mean that some avenues of pain are unique to men, and others to women. There’s also evidence that women feel greater pain than men. Now, new research shows that in the case of chronic inflammatory pain, men and women actually use distinct pain processing pathways.