Recent Events

Super-Resolution Symposium

QBI hosted the Super-Resolution Symposium as part of UQ Microscopy Week.

The event was a full day seminar showcase with speakers from across The University of Queensland.

Super resolution microscopes enable single molecule imaging, which allow the study of individual receptors on synaptic terminals.

Researchers can watch as receptors move and interact in live neurons, which allows for the understanding of neuronal functioning both in healthy and diseased brains.

Super-resolution technology is able to generate imagery with a resolution 10 times greater than previously possible.

The program featured sessions of advanced imaging techniques, live imaging, tissue imaging and presentations on facilities at the University.

Four QBI staff presented their work at the event.

QBI’s Advanced Microscopy Facility is home to two of Australia’s most powerful super-resolution microscopes.

The equipment housed in QBI has capabilities to create 3D reconstructions of brain sections and rapidly image neuronal outgrowth and intracellular trafficking.

Ross Maclean Fellowship Race Day

Attended by over 200 guests in June, the Ross Maclean Fellowship Cup raised over $25,000 for Motor Neuron Disease (MND) research.

The event was sponsored by the Maclean family’s Index Group of Companies to raise awareness of the MND research being undertaken at QBI, and to support the Ross Maclean Fellowship established in 2004 by the late Ross Maclean and his family to raise funds to fight this most devastating disease.

At the event Professor Perry Bartlett announced the launch of the Scott Sullivan Research Fellow in MND, established in honour of Scott Sullivan, founder of the MND and Me Foundation, who sadly passed away from the disease earlier this year.

The successful incumbent will work across QBI and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Together with the Ross Maclean Fellow, they will continue to drive our research forward.

The event possible thanks to a number of generous supporters including Ross Maclean Racing, Shaun Flanigan, Jeff Maclean, the Index Group, Village Roadshow Themeparks, Naomi Kito Baliey, McKinney’s Jewellers, Rumba Resort, Euromarque Maserati Brisbane & Willims Motor Group, The Training Spot Albion and Ricky Gibson, the Australian Wallabies and Treasury Wine Estate.


Early career researchers recognised

Two QBI early career researchers received The University of Queensland’s Dean’s Award for Research Higher Degree Excellence for their PhD theses.

Dr Ramesh Narayanan and Dr Roger Marek were both included in the 2013 Dean’s Award List, which recognised graduates who demonstrated excellence in a research higher degree.

Dr Narayanan worked at the Peter Goodenough and Wantoks Research Laboratory, researching the mechanisms behind motor neuron disease.

“My work was involved in trying to understand how the MND gene regulates an entire network of genes and what effect an MND causing mutation on the gene has on its RNA targets,” Dr Narayanan said.

Dr Roger Marek’s thesis saw him investigate the neuronal circuit that is involved in the acquisition of fear memory and its extinction.

“By using electrophysiological and optogenetic tools, we found that the medial PFC forms and receives sublayer-specific neural connections onto excitatory and inhibitory neurons that allow a 'top-down' modulation of fear-related output regions in the brain,” Dr Marek said.