Summer Scholars at QBI summer 2013

Upcoming Event

Million metres for MND

Ian Davis and Scott Sullivan will be riding 1 million metres to increase awareness of motor neuron disease (MND), as well as raise funds to support research into finding a cure.

Ian and Scott will ride down the east coast of Australia, from Brisbane to Sydney.

The tandem tricycle they will be riding has been custom built for the pair, as both men are MND sufferers and their bodies are beginning to be affected by the disease. 

Ian will be using a hand crank at the front of the trike to steer and help generate power, while Scott will be using his legs to peddle at the back.

The trike has a three-speed hub, 27 gears and low wind resistance, which will mean they will be able to hit higher speeds than many conventional bicycles.

The men will begin their Ride to Conquer MND on 3 May from the Queen Street Mall at 12.45pm, and aim to cycle past QBI at about 1.30pm. 

Please join us on the QBI lawn for a casual BBQ as we cheer them on their way.

Recent Event

Queensland student wins national Brain Bee 

Queenslander Jackson Huang has taken out the title of Australian Brain Bee Champion after the country’s brightest young minds competed in the finals of the Australian and New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge held in Melbourne in February. 

In front of an audience, the Queensland Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology student beat seven other Australian finalists in a brain-teasing anatomy exam, doctor-patient diagnosis, written test and a neuroscience quiz.

The Victorian Minister for Education, The Honourable Martin Dixon MP, said the finalists were of an extremely high calibre.

“All the finalists have demonstrated an extraordinary talent, and I hope the Australian and New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge will inspire them to pursue further study in this vitally important field,” he said.

“The community as a whole will be the winners from advances in neuroscience.”

Jackson will now compete alongside the New Zealand Champion, Jiantao Shen, in the International Brain Bee Competition to be held in Vienna, Austria later this year. 

Recent Event

Budding neuroscientists work at QBI over Summer

Three former Australian Brain Bee Challenge (ABBC) competitors joined us over the Summer for hands-on work experience as part of the Transition Award – a paid placement offered to those students who obtained positions in the top three in their year of competing in the Challenge. 

The group included Esmi Zajaczkowski and Jack Hales, 1st and 2nd place winners from the 2010 ABBC, and Teresa Tang from Brisbane State High School, who won the 2012 International Brain Bee Competition. 

The students spent 8 weeks in a laboratory of their choice, working with a neuroscientist and undertaking a research project. 

The projects of Esmi on “Immunohistochemical identification of lentiviral constructs in mouse neuronal tissue”, Jack on “Morphological classification of Layer 1 neurons of the cortex”, and Teresa on “Can you face the voice?” were under the supervision of Dr Tim Bredy, Associate Professor Stephen Williams and Professor Jason Mattingley, respectively.

Save the date Tuesday 18 June – 5pm Annual Peter Goodenough Memorial Lecture

Address from Nobel Laureate, Professor Peter Doherty AO. Professor Doherty’s research is primarily focussed on defence against viruses. He currently divides his time between the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at The University of Melbourne and the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, USA.