BICARE founder Dorothy Stringer drives QBI research collaboration focusing on children's health. 

Dorothy Stringer drives collaborative project between QBI, Mater Research and the Mater Young Adult Health Centre

Bardon charity worker Dorothy Stringer is the driving force behind a collaborative research project between QBI, Mater Research and the Mater Young Adult Health Centre focusing on children’s health.

Dorothy and her dedicated team of volunteers have raised more than $1 million in the past 23 years for children and young people through the Brain Injured Children’s After Recovery Endeavours (BICARE) Thrift Shop and are now teaming up with QBI and the Mater to fund more research.

“My aim is to ensure that the funds BICARE donates are channelled into research into children and young people, specifically around neuroscience and mental health, ensuring that the outcomes are meaningful and translate into real results,” Dorothy said.

Dorothy began her fundraising career in a children’s home in England where she encountered many instances of child deprivation.

“I opened the Bardon Thrift Shop in 1992 and would have never achieved the results I have without the support of a great team of people. We are always looking for new recruits so anyone with a passion for helping others is most welcome to join our team,” she said.

Dorothy has been motivated all her life by the words of poet John Donne, who wrote: “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”

“I believe that we all share in every experience and we need to work together to embrace not only the good times but the bad. I hope that my work with BICARE reflects this belief and the sentiments of John Donne and that the collaboration between QBI and the Mater brings many positive developments.”