National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

A total of $4.9 million was recently awarded by the NHMRC to QBI to fund 10 projects commencing in 2013. The recipients include:

  • Professor Perry Bartlett
  • Dr Tim Bredy
  • Associate Professor Elizabeth Coulson
  • Associate Professor Darryl Eyles
  • Professor Geoffrey Goodhill
  • Associate Professor Frederic Meunier
  • Professor Linda Richards (x2)
  • Associate Professor Naomi Wray (x2)

Drs Ben Sivyer and Enda Byrne were each awarded a highly competitive Early Career Fellowship.

Australian Research Council (ARC) 

QBI researchers were also awarded $1.69 million in ARC Discovery Project grants, $1.125 million in Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRAs), and an $800,000 injection for new equipment funded under the ARC’s Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) scheme. The recipients include:

  • Professor Jürgen Götz
  • Professor Joe Lynch
  • Professor Pankaj Sah
  • Associate Professor Stephen Williams 

Drs Marta Garrido and Hong Sang Lee were recognised through the awarding of DECRAs.

Associate Professor Frederic Meunier and colleagues received $800,000 through the LIEF scheme to go towards a live molecular imaging machine using super resolution microscopy.

Despite our on-going success, the Institute is still heavily reliant on additional funding. QBI must match every dollar of grant funding with a further dollar to make research possible.