Planned giving is extremely beneficial to QBI as it provides resources to accelerate current research as well as preserving the future research of QBI’s world-leading neuroscientists. A bequest is a gift detailed in a person's will and may include:

  • The residuary of an estate (i.e. what remains after all other gifts and costs have been deducted)
  • A percentage of an estate
  • A gift of a specific sum of money
  • A particular asset such as property, works of art, shares or an insurance policy.

Download our bequest brochure (148 KB pdf) for general information and examples of bequest clauses, or contact us to mail you a brochure.

The far-sighted generosity of Mr Peter Goodenough, Mr Ross Maclean and Ms Lisa Palmer are examples of how personal determination continues to make a lasting contribution to valuable scientific research.