Dr Marta Garrido
Senior Research Fellow

Contact Information

Building:  CAI Building #57
Room: 417
Tel: +61 7 334 60530

Mailing Address

Centre for Advanced Imaging
The University of Queensland
Brisbane, 4072


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Research directions

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Short biography

Dr Marta Garrido leads the Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Queensland and is Chief Investigator in the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function.  Dr Garrido received her PhD in 2008 from University College London under the supervision of Professor Karl Friston. She then completed postdocs at University California Los Angeles with Professor Russ Poldrack, and back at University College London with Professor Ray Dolan. In 2013 she moved to the University of Queensland on a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award and established her independent laboratory in 2016 at the Queensland Brain Institute and the Centre for Advanced Imaging. 

Research directions

Our research is theoretically driven by ideas of Predictive Coding, a computational framework that posits the brain is a predictive, efficient and adaptive machine. The main goal of the group is to understand how the brain’s circuitry implements these mechanisms, which enable us to make predictions about future events as well as learn about, and adapt to, the contingencies of a novel environment. Along with our work on typical cognition in healthy human individuals, our mission is to contribute to the understanding of mental illness, in particular to those conditions where predictive processes and brain circuitry are disrupted such as in schizophrenia and anxiety.  To pursue this endeavour we use a combination of computational modelling, machine learning and brain imaging techniques such as magnetoencephalography (MEG), electroencephalography (EEG), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Current collaborations

  • Professor Karl Friston, University College London

  • Professor Ray Dolan, University College London

  • Professor Klaas Stephan, University of Zurich

  • Professor Michael Breakspear, Queensland Institute for Medical Research

  • Professor Pat Michie, The University of Newcastle

  • Associate Professor Naotsugo Tsuchiya, Monash University

Selected publications 

M.I. Garrido, G.R. Barnes, D. Kumaran, E.A. Maguire, R.J. Dolan (2015). Ventromedial prefrontal cortex drives hippocampal theta oscillations induced by mismatch computations. NeuroImage 120, 362-370.

M.M. Garvert, K.J. Friston, R.J. Dolan, M.I. Garrido (2014). Subcortical amygdala pathway enables rapid visual information processing. NeuroImage 15: 309-316.

M. Dietz, K.J. Friston, J.B. Mattingley, A. Roepstorff, M.I. Garrido (2014). Effective connectivity reveals right-hemisphere dominance in audiospatial perception: implications for models of spatial neglect. Journal of Neuroscience 34:5003-11.

M.I. Garrido, M. Sahani, R.J. Dolan (2013). Outlier responses reflect sensitivity to statistical structure in the human brain. PLoS Computational Biology 9: e1002999.

M.I. Garrido, G.R. Barnes, M. Sahani, R.J. Dolan (2012). Functional evidence for a dual route to amygdala. Current Biology 22: 129-34.

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M.I. Garrido, J.M. Kilner, K.E. Stephan, K.J. Friston (2009). The mismatch negativity: a review of underlying mechanisms. Clinical Neurophysiology 120: 453-463.

M.I. Garrido, J.M. Kilner, S.J. Kiebel, K.J. Friston (2007). Evoked brain responses are generated by feedback loops. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104: 20961-20966.

M.I. Garrido, K.J. Friston, S.J. Kiebel, K.E. Stephan, J.M. Kilner (2007). Dynamic causal modelling of evoked potentials: a reproducibility study. NeuroImage 36: 571-580.