Evidence has shown that brain functions can manifest on brain networks on different scales, and brain malfunctions caused with most psychiatric disorders are the result of faulty brain networks. To understand how the brain works and the pathophysiological mechanisms of psychiatric disorders, we are identifying brain networks with multimodal neuroimaging techniques. This is done from the finest scale (microtechnique, ultramicrotomy, staining and visualisation techniques), to the most macroscopic (EEG, fMRI, dMRI); and exploring the relationship among them. The concept of “Brainnetome” (www.brainnetome.org) has been proposed to represent such integration framework. The Joint Sino-Australian Laboratory of Brainnetome is a partnership between QBI and Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Automation to realise these goals.

Together with the UQ Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI), QBI has access to innovative imaging and spectroscopic technology. Our researchers are able to study the structure and function of living organisms in health and disease, and facilitate drug discovery and validation. This results in an improved translation of scientific discoveries to clinical realisation. By enabling improved characterisation of disease and response to treatment in the individual patient, we are working towards personalised medicine for patients.