QBI Director Pankaj Sah reflects on an exciting start to 2016.

QBI Director Pankaj Sah's reflects on an exciting start to 2016.

2016 brings exciting growth at QBI. I would like to offer a warm welcome to Professor Peter Silburn and his team at the APCN.

Building on two decades of ground-breaking clinical research in the application of deep brain stimulation (DBS), APCN enables QBI to expand the clinical arm of our research. Professor Silburn and neurosurgeon Associate Professor Terry Coyne have performed more DBS procedures to treat neurological conditions such Parkinson’s disease and Tourette’s syndrome than any team in Australia.

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Terry and Peter during this time, investigating the effect of DBS electrodes on brain function. It is with great excitement that we continue to improve the design, delivery and functionality of customised therapeutic treatments.

I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate QBI’s founding Director, Professor Perry Bartlett, who was recently awarded the prestigious CSL Florey Medal, as well as a Lifetime Achievement award from Research Australia. Perry continues to contribute to the field, and is currently exploring the role of exercise in reversing cognitive decline. This encouraging research program has been supported by the Stafford Fox Medical Research Foundation, and gives some hope to the 300,000 Australians currently living with dementia.

We have many encouraging research projects underway at QBI. This edition of Neuroscience News highlights just a few. I encourage you all to visit the Institute. Here you will witness first hand the extraordinary progress our research­ers are making in understanding how the brain learns and how it is damaged, and discovering ways to treat or cure disorders of brain function.