QBI will lead the Australian Course in Advanced Neuroscience in 2016

QBI's Professor Stephen Williams will lead the Australian Course in Advanced Neuroscience

QBI’s Professor Stephen Williams has taken the reins of a prestigious course training the best and brightest young neuroscientists from Australia and New Zealand.

The Australian Course in Advanced Neuroscience (ACAN) is an intensive three-week program held at UQ’s Moreton Bay Research Station, North Stradbroke Island.

The course delivers rigorous training in the theory and practice of neurophysiological and optical imaging techniques.

“For the last decade ACAN has provided valuable theoretical knowledge and research skills that greatly strengthen the future work of the students,” Professor Williams said.

“The course involves lectures and extensive hands-on laboratory training. We are constantly refining the course to teach the most cutting-edge neuroscience research methods,” he said.

Professor Williams became the new Director of ACAN, following on from Professor John Bekkers in September last year.

In 2016 the ACAN faculty also includes QBI’s Director Professor Pankaj Sah, Professor Geoffrey Goo­dhill and Professor Joe Lynch.

International instructors from the Asia-Pacific region and the EU join prominent faculty from across Aus­tralia and New Zealand to deliver the course.

“This program is not possible without the generous support of our university and industry sponsors,” Professor Williams said.

State-of-the-art equipment and supplies for the course are donated by key industry sponsors: Axon Instruments, CoolLED, Jenoptik, Scitech, Scientifica and Sutter Instrument.