Expand national and international networks by connecting with emerging leaders. QBI Chapters are designed to allow long-term, high-capacity donors to engage with QBI in a meaningful way. 

Rebecca Appleton
Rebecca is Global PR Manager of Treasury Wine Estate. Experiencing the effects of dementia led Rebecca to realise how little we, as a society, know about and understand the brain. She hopes that the work she does with QBI will enable her to help others who have been affected by brain disease.


Beatrice Bowen
Beatrice is the Network Development Manager for Caltex, having oversight of real estate acquisition, construction and divestment. Beatrice is passionate about research at QBI and the potential to unlock neurological conditions.



Caroline Chalmers
Caroline is Associate Director of Client Services Directioneering. Caroline has more than 10 years of HR and client relationship–related experience in both Australia and the UK.


Richard Chalmers
Richard Chalmers is a Project Manager for Hutchinson Builders. He has more than 12 years experience as a Design and Construct Principal Contractor in commercial, residential and resource sector construction.

David Croft
David is General Manager Commercial for The Australian Institute of Management. He manages the $90 million education and training business directing and controls company operations to maximise its commercial opportunities. Prior to AIM, David was Head of Commercial for Sports and Entertainment Limited, General Manager of International Quarterback and a professional Rugby Union player representing the Wallabies and Queensland Reds.


Amanda Haack
Amanda is the Communications Manager to the Chief Executive Officer, Westpac Group. She is passionate about supporting neuroscience research that is pushing the boundaries of discovery. 


Marcus Maclean
Marcus is an Investment Analyst at Arowana & Co. Having seen first-hand the devastating impact of brain-related illnesses, Marcus has a strong interest in raising awareness and ultimately helping to find a cure for such diseases.


Stephanie Maynes
Stephanie is HR Director at BT Financial Group. Stephanie supports brain research as she believes the work being done at QBI is world-class and will change and save the lives of many people. Stephanie's mother, who had brain cancer as a secondary cancer, passed away in February 2015.  During this time, Stephanie was shocked to see how little progress had been made in the past few decades in brain cancer survival rates compared to other cancers.

Terry McCoy

Terry is the Development Manager for Woolworths. Originally from Brisbane, Terry returns home regularly to see family and friends, and remains a passionate supporter of the Brisbane Broncos, Lions and Queensland Reds. Terry is married with two young children and is particularly interested in the research areas of sporting head injuries and ageing dementia


Marnie McLaren
Marnie is Head of Investment Research & Governance at BT Financial Group. Marnie has over 17 years’ experience in the financial services industry, and is also Director of the Financial Industry Community Aid Program. A keen rugby supporter and player welfare advocate, Marnie is passionate about QBI's concussion research.


Simon O'Brien
Simon is a Director at UBS Wealth Management, based in Sydney. Having grown up in Brisbane, Simon returns regularly and is actively involved in the community. Simon is interested in QBI’s Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research and neurogenesis research.


Jonathon Stewart
Jonathon is a Business Development Manager for the National Rugby League.  He manages sponsorships and prior to the NRL worked for the Brisbane Broncos. Jonathon grew up in Central Queensland where he and maintains close community links.   He hopes his work with QBI can help ensure athlete welfare as well as create safer sports for future Australians to enjoy. 



Zachary Tan
Zachary is a doctor at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. As a medical student, Zachary was the President of the University of Queensland Medical Society. He is passionate about medical research, and is a keen supporter of translating research discoveries into clinical innovations that advance patient care. 



Kelly Wilkes 
Kelly is the Services Manager at MOQdigital, a creative technology leader with a heart. Her interest in neuroscience began when one of her children was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This journey led to a deep interest in genetics, brain development and how we can improve the outcomes of those with disorders.


Jeremy Willink
Jeremy is a former investment banker in (London / New York / Hong Kong) and now works as Head of Partnerships at Rate City. Jeremy’s interest in neuroscience began when his godfather unfortunately passed away from brain cancer earlier this decade. Jeremy is passionate about medical research and raising awareness for brain diseases.