A QBI researcher’s respected career designing unmanned aerial vehicles based on biologically-inspired systems has seen him elected onto the Australian Academy of Science Council.

Professor Mandyam Srinivasan is one of five new researchers elected to the Council, which promotes scientific knowledge and advice.

“It is an honour and a great privilege to serve on this distinguished and respected panel of scientists,” Professor Srinivasan said.

“I believe that all of the Council members will be working towards ensuring that our politicians, and the public at large, understand the magic and the importance of science,” he said.

Professor Srinivasan runs the Neuroscience of Vision and Aerial Robotics Laboratory at QBI, where he studies insects and birds to understand how they are able to navigate complex environments.

His work is applied in the field of robotics with unmanned aerial vehicles, designing systems to avoid collisions and safely navigate their environments.

“Having studied and worked in four different continents since commencing my career, I feel that I can bring a broad international perspective to the table,” he said.