About the Science of Learning Centre.

The objectives of the Science of Learning Centre are to identify, research and understand effective teaching and learning practices in the light of current knowledge about basic learning processes and factors that influence successful human learning. The Centre also aims to advance research into, and knowledge about, learning itself.

The Science of Learning Centre is a collaboration between two of Australia’s leading research institutes, the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI)

The Centre brings together research from several disciplines, including neuroscience, psychology, and education. Research in each of these disciplines contributes to a deeper understanding of learning processes and to a better understanding of ways to support successful school learning. The Centre also employs state-of-the-art brain imaging technology and modelling techniques to synthesise the results across the disciplines. These different but complementary research activities will be essential to investigating and understanding the complexities of classroom learning. At a fine-grain level, research in neuroscience will explore how learning leads to changes in the structure of brain cells and in the manner in which cells interact in brain circuits. At an intermediate level, research in psychology and cognitive neuroscience will explore how learning is associated with changes in simple behaviours and motivation that are reflected in changes in neural activity in the brain. And at the most global level, educational research will explore learning as the acquisition of complex knowledge and skills and resultant changes in observable behaviour.  The Centre’s research program will explore these different aspects of learning simultaneously, involving a range of researchers, tools and techniques from across the research spectrum.

Professor Pankaj Sah
Professor Ottmar Lipp

Research Staff
Dr Robert Colvin
Ms Belinda Craig

Associated Researchers
Professor Jason Mattingley
Professor Merrilyn Goos
Associate Professor Bruno van Swinderen
Associate Professor Ross Cunnington
Dr Paul E. Dux
Professor Roger Remington

The Science of Learning Centre at QBI hosted two major events in July -- The first Australian Science of Learning meeting (20 July) and the Symposium on Attention and Learning (21 July).

The Science of Learning meeting covered the emerging multidisciplinary field of the Science of Learning - a field which integrates neuroscience, psychology, complex systems, educational research and classroom teaching practice. Brain imaging, neural recordings and design of learning technologies are among the many cutting-edge approaches to be discussed.

The symposium on Attention and Learning brought together researchers from across the broad spectrum of research into attention as it relates to learning, including classroom strategies designed to engage 20 or more students at a time, behavioural research examining specific modes of attention and performance and neuroscience research investigating neuronal interactions and the interactions of brain regions that characterise attentive and inattentive states.

The program for the events is available here