The QBI vivarium is overseen by the UQ’s Biological Resources Unit, which manages all UQ’s Laboratory animal facilities. The Vivarium is a modern, state of the art facility utilising modern caging systems and associated research capabilities. It includes a dedicated specific pathogen-free area for production and holding of transgenic rodents, holding rooms for conducting research and experimentation on mice and rats, lentiviral injection facility, mice and rat surgeries and procedure rooms. Many research related ancillary services are available and not limited to: various imaging modalities, transgenic/knock out production, cryo-preservation and embryo re-derivation and technical assistance and training.

The QBI Animal Behaviour Facility is located within a regulated area of the QBI vivarium. It provides sound attenuated facilities to study behaviour in rats and mice. The wide range of available equipment allows comprehensive characterization of rodent models of various neurological diseases starting from general characterization and all the way to learning, memory and cognitive functions.

For further information on these facilities please contact QBI facilities.