Professor Geoffrey Goodhill

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Building: QBI Building #79
Room: 424
Tel: +61 7 334 66431

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Queensland Brain Institute
The University of Queensland
Brisbane, 4072


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Short biography

Professor Goodhill did a Joint Honours BSc in Mathematics and Physics at Bristol University (UK), followed by an MSc in Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh University and a PhD in Cognitive Science at Sussex University. Following a postdoc at Edinburgh University he moved to the USA in 1994, where he did further postdoctoral study in Computational Neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine and the Salk Institute. Professor Goodhill formed his own lab at Georgetown University in 1996, where he was awarded tenure in the Department of Neuroscience in 2001. In 2005 he moved to a joint appointment between the Queensland Brain Institute and the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Queensland.

From 2005-2011 Professor Goodhill was Editor-in-Chief of the journal Network: Computation in Neural Systems. He is currently an Associate Editor of Neural Computation, and on the Editorial Board of Nature Scientific Reports.

Research directions

Professor Goodhill's lab is interested in how brains process information, particularly during development. This includes how growing nerve fibres use molecular cues to make guidance decisions, how map-like representations of visual inputs form in the optic tectum and visual cortex, and how these maps code sensory information. The lab is addressing these questions using a combination of experimental, mathematical and computational techniques. Members of the lab come from diverse backgrounds including biology, mathematics, physics and computer science.

TEDx talk about neuroscience, mathematics and artificial intelligence.

Article in The Conversation about maths and the brain.

Current collaborations

  • Peter Dayan - University College London
  • Frank Sengpiel-  University of Cardiff
  • Michael Ibbotson - Melbourne University
  • Linda Richards - The University of Queensland
  • Ethan Scott - The University of Queensland
  • Fred Meunier - The University of Queensland
  • Markus Barth - The University of Queensland

Selected publications

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Bicknell, B.A. & Goodhill, G.J. (2016). The emergence of ion channel modal gating from independent subunit kinetics. Proc. Natl. Acad.  Sci.  USA, online Aug 22nd 2016. PDF

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