Artists in Residence

The Queensland Brain Institute has strong connections with the Australian art community and periodically hosts artists-in-residence, who work alongside QBI neuroscientists and provide artistic voice to our voyage of scientific discovery, through a variety of mediums.

In addition, when QBI’s new facilities were constructed, a modern artwork was incorporated into the building’s structure. Fiona Hall’s “Out of Mind” photo collage – which fronts QBI’s neuroscience laboratories – brings art and science together.

Further, Trish Adams’s work "Host" is the result of the artist’s residency with the Queensland Brain Institute. Trish worked with QBI's Head of Visual and Sensory Neuroscience, Professor Mandyam Srinivasan, and his colleagues in the ‘bee house’. Research scientists Carla Evangelista and Dr Peter Kraft trained honeybees to feed from the palm of the artist’s bare hand.

Through an image work created from the experience, Trish explores the many fascinating levels of awareness at play in this seemingly simple interaction. The slow-motion imagery reveals much more than intricate detail of flight; the artist, by exposing her naked hand to the bee, overcomes the psychological barrier that many of us have acquired from a childhood exposure to a bee sting.